Cancer Patient

Mr. Tan was a Stage 4 prostate cancer patient. At 77, and with the cancer having spread to his bones, the doctor said that he was too old and weak to undergo chemotherapy. He was given only 6 months to live.

Mr. Tan’s daughter, Alice, was desperate to find something to help her father. One day, a friend told her about RESERVE™ and how its key ingredient, resveratrol, can help fight cancer. After reading-up on resveratrol, Alice was eager to try RESERVE™ on her father. Alice was living in Australia, while her father lived in Malaysia, and RESERVE™ had just been launched by Jeunesse in the US market. Thankfully, Jeunesse adopts a global approach to its business and despite RESERVE™ not being available in Australia or Malaysia at that time, Alice was still able to create an account with Jeunesse on-line, order RESERVE™ and have it shipped to her father in Malaysia from out of the United States.

Today, thanks to RESERVE™, Mr. Tan is cancer-free and enjoying life as a healthy man.

Mr. Tan April 26, 2017

Wow! If you are after a quick fix for those under eye bags then this is your product!! First time I used it, I was left with a white residue, but realised that this was because I had used way too much! Seriously, less is more with this. Don't dab it in too much as it is the drying process which is important, so let it dry itself. I wore make up over it no problem, but then I never wear a lot of foundation and powder so that may be why it was fine.
I have tried everything to get rid of the bags under my eyes but this is the first thing that actually visibly worked. I love the tightness as it is drying, makes me feel like it is tightening my wrinkles away!
I absolutely love it!

Lura April 26, 2017